Physicians at Lanier Supportive Medicine

Frequently asked Questions

Supportive medicine, also known as PC, is specialized medical care focused on relieving the symptoms of a serious illness. It provides an added layer of support to relieve stress for patients and their families. It is appropriate for patients at all ages and at any stage in a serious illness. It is provided along with aggressive and curative treatments. The goal is to improve your quality of life.
Our goals are your goals. We work with you and your doctors to improve physical, psychosocial, and spiritual symptoms associated with advanced illness. We will help you cope through all changes a serious illness brings by answering your questions and letting you know what you may expect so you can plan for your future.

Anyone with a serious or life-threatening illness is appropriate. We can treat symptoms not relieved by your current medications. Serious illness often involves complex medical decision-making regarding treatments and life goals. We will take the time to guide you, and your family or friends if desired, through these difficult decisions. 

If your have experienced frequent hospitalizations or ER visits, we will work with you to manage symptoms so you can remain at home.

Many aging seriously ill seniors want to live at home and avoid ER visits and hospitalizations. Conversations matter and we can be your point of contact between all your medical providers so everyone is on the same page about your treatment decisions and where you want to receive care.
We realize treating a serious medical illness requires a lot of doctors’ visits. Lanier Supportive Medicine is proud to offer telemedicine services statewide in Georgia. Due to DEA and Georgia Medical Board regulations, we are unable to prescribe controlled medications without an initial in-person visit.

We are not owned by any hospital, insurance company or hospice. We are a private practice that wants to provide quality, empathetic medical care without being hampered by outside restraints or agendas. 

For those with private insurance, a superbill (itemized health care receipt) may be requested for the patient or family to submit.  Many PPO plans reimburse for a portion of office visits.  We cannot make any guarantees of insurance reimbursement and you should check with your insurance provider about your benefits. 

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